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Creating Device Actor

In order for the Operating System to work, you need a device which requires a device actor to construct it. In this section, we will create a new device actor which is used to construct our device.

To create a new device actor, right click inside Content Browser, select Blueprint Class. From the resulting window search for device actor and select it.

Pick parent class screenshot

Rename it to BP_Tut_DeviceActor. Open this newly created device actor and leave everything at default for now. Drag and drop this actor into an empty world and press play. You'll notice that nothing is happening. If you check the log, you will see a following message:

Device error in BP_Tut_DeviceActor_C_1: ERR_DEVICE_CLASS_NULL. Exception: Device Class is null
log - your trusty friend

If something is not working as intended, always check the log first.

So the error is stating the obvious. There is no designated device class, so that is what we will do.