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Creating Device

Device is responsible for constructing the Operating System and saving information. In this section, we will create our custom device and assign it to the previously created device actor.

Creating a new device

To create a new device, right click in Content Browser and select Blueprint Class. From the resulting window, search for Operating System Device and select OperatingSystemBaseDevice.

Pick parent class screenshot

Rename it to BP_Tut_Device and open it. Since a device requires hardware and device widget, we can use the existing ones that came with the plugin.

plugin Content

If you have not enabled plugin content, you can follow this guide to enable it first.

Once you have assigned all the hardware classes and device widget class, give the device a new name. For this tutorial, I'm simply naming it PC.

Default device screenshot

Note that we left the Operating System class blank and that is what we are going to set next. Before that, let's assign this device to our previously created device actor. Open device actor and assign the device class.

Device actor class assigned screenshot

We have completely set our device and device actor. Now let's move forward to create an Operating System.