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Viewport Widget

Viewport World Widget is a UMG viewport widget that loads the world. Viewport widget supports 3 types of render modes and they are:

  • Fast - Offers the fastest performance without any visual artifacts. Most Post Process settings are unsupported including dynamic GI (lumen).
  • Partial - Supports dynamic GI but can cause visual artifacts such as flickering shadows.
  • Replace - Replaces the main game viewport client offering full rendering support but can only have one secondary world loaded at any given time.

Details panel Screenshot

Show Debug Slate Text shows an info text on top left of the viewport widget including information such as how long was the secondary world playing and path of the currently loaded map.

View Mode allows you to switch between different viewport modes provided by Unreal Engine itself.

Fast Render Post Process lets you set some very limited post process effects when using the Fast render mode. For example, to fake GI you can set an ambient cubemap in this post process settings.

Loading a new world into the viewport is easy and straight-forward. You just have to call Load Game World from the viewport world widget and the return value indicates if the world handle is valid or not.

Details panel Screenshot

You can access additional parameters to load game world node by expanding it.

  • World Options is a struct that lets you configure various aspects of the world like whether to tick, support sound, rendering etc.
  • Initialize Actors will let you initialize all actors and prepares them for gameplay.
  • Begin Play tells game mode to transition to the correct state and call BeginPlay on all actors.
  • Game Options can be specified to pass additional parameters to the travel URL. This is similar to options in Open Level node.