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Getting Started

Once the plugin is installed and enabled, you can add Internet Browser to any of your UMG widgets. Typically this is combined with our Draggable Window plugin so you can move or resize the Internet Browser anywhere on your screen.


After you add Internet Browser to your widget blueprint, you will be able to access its settings from the details panel.


This documentation is primarly for Internet Browser inside Operating System Simulator plugin. Some settings mentioned here are not available for the standalone Internet Browser plugin.

Details panel screenshot

Initial URLInitial URL to navigate. Must include http protocol.
Support TransparencyDetermines if the browser window should support transparency.
Show Whitelist OnlyIf enabled, only the websites provided in WhiteList Websites array will be loaded.
Allow URL MaskingLet's you mask out the url name with custom names.
URL Mask is PersistentReal domain names will be masked even when you navigate to sub pages.
Enable HistoryRecords visited websites in history.
Whitelist WebsitesBrowser will only load websites defined in this array. Effective only if Show Whitelist Only is enabled.
Masked DomainsSpecify custom names that will be replace real domain names. For example: rename to Effective only if Allow URL Masking is enabled.
BookmarksInitial bookmarks for browser.
Only HTTPSEnable to force navigate http to https.
Support Browser URLsEnable to support browser urls. For example: chrome://, edge:// etc.
Support localhostSupports loading and localhost
Internet Browser Save Game ClassCustom save game class to save/load user settings