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Objective Waypoint System (C++ Plugin)

Waypoint component is the main component of this plugin which you have to add to your player character. To add the plugin, select it from Components tab.

Component screenshot

After adding the plugin you can adjust it's settings from the details panel.

Filter By ClassFind path on selected navigation class only.
Waypoint Actor ClassWhich waypoint actor class to spawn. You can inherit from Waypoint Actor and customize it to suit your needs.
Tick TimeIf greater than 0, path finding is automatically called every N second.
Navigation ModeType of waypoint to show. Options are Spawn and Spline
Max number of meshesNumber of meshes to spawn. If 0, max meshes are clamped to 255. Only applicable if Nav Mode is set to Spawn.
Auto calculate mesh distanceAutomatically calculates distance between meshes based on bounds. Only applicable if Nav Mode is set to Spawn.
Mesh DistanceDistance between spawned waypoint meshes. Only applicable if Nav Mode is set to and Auto calculate mesh distance is disabled.
Spline MeshMesh to use when Nav Mode is set to Spline mode.
Spline Mesh ScaleScale of spline mesh. Only applicable if Nav Mode is set to Spawn.

After setting up the component it is upto your game logic on finding the target actor or location to find the path to. Once you have acquired it, simply pass that information to Find Path to Actor or Find Path to Location functions and you are good to go.

Below is an example function straight from the project found on Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Function screenshot

And to start finding the path, simply call the Find Path to Actor function. Here is an example triggering that function when F key is pressed.

Function Trigger screenshot