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Download Operating System Simulator demo game and check out how terminal commands can be used to communicate with game world. Feel free to let us know about your thoughts on our Discord Server. 💻

Download for Windows: Build 3.1.1 (359 MB)
Download for Mac: Build 3.1.1 (406 MB)

The roof door can be opened or closed using the terminal command, as demonstrated in this demo game. There is no reference between any actors or objects. Everything is done through our brand new Global Messenger subsystem. 😎

Download Project


Project requires Operating System Simulator Plugin installed to Unreal Engine.

Download Project (Windows): Build 3.1.1 (Unreal Engine 5.2) (408 MB)
Download Project (Mac): Build 3.1.1 (Unreal Engine 5.2) (399 MB)

Demo Screenshot