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Operating System Simulator offers two licenses.

  • Lite: No support or source code access but offers all features as of the pro version. Annual revenue must be less than $30,000 USD.
  • Pro: Marketplace edition. Offers everything including source code, support on discord server etc.

Marketplace Edition License Terms

When you purchase Operating System Simulator plugin on Unreal Engine Marketplace you accept the Unreal Engine Marketplace Terms of Service instead of our Lite Edition license term which no longer applies.

Lite Edition License Terms

Below is a summary of the Lite Edition (Free Edition) license, which you are bound by when you use the Lite Edition (Free Edition).


  • No support is offered for Lite Edition: This means we can't help you diagnose issues, resolve bugs or implement features and you can't access the support channel in the Discord.
  • Lite version will only be available for the latest version of Unreal Engine.
  • Attribution required: You must include that you are using Operating System Simulator Lite Edition somewhere in your product such as credits screen, license file etc.
  • No source code: Lite Edition only contains binary files and bundled uassets and does not include any source code.
  • Commercial use allowed: If your revenue stays less than $30,000 USD, you don't owe us anything!

Download Lite Edition

To find out if you qualify for the Lite Edition, fill out the form by clicking here.