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Plugin Classes


DO NOT modify any of the default content (*.uasset) that comes with the plugin. You must make a new copy in your Project's Content folder and then modify the copy instead of the original uasset files.

Operating System Simulator contains various classes that make up your virtual Operating System. Following is a breakdown of some of the core classes.

**Name **ClassDescription
Device ActorAOperatingSystemDeviceActorMain actor class where everything begins. You assign your custom device here which will then construct the device upon gameplay.
Portable Device ActorAOperatingSystemPortableDeviceActorInherited from Device Actor and represents a portable device with battery management.
DeviceUOperatingSystemBaseDeviceSimulates a full device which contains your virtual Operating System. Think of device as PC, Mobile, Laptop etc. To boot a device, you need proper hardware.
Operating SystemUOperatingSystemThis class simulates the Operating System including installed programs, taskbar etc.
MotherboardUOperatingSystemMBBMain board which references other hardware.
CPUUOperatingSystemCPUSimulates the CPU for your device. You can define your own socket types (which can be read from Blueprints), Speed etc.
RAMUOperatingSystemRAMMemory hardware. You can configure the size of the memory.
HDDUOperatingSystemHDDThis is the hard disk class. It can have multiple partitions (Non-Unix OS only) and you can specify the size in GB.
GPUUOperatingSystemGPUGPU hardware. There is no real implementation.
PSUUOperatingSystemPSUPower supply. There are no properties to set at the moment.
DirectoryUOperatingSystemDirectoryBase class for all directories that can contain files and other sub directories. There are special system directories like Desktop, Music, Pictures and more.
FileUOperatingSystemFileBase class for all files. Files are owned by directory.