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Added in v3.3.0


Blueprint for the mail bundled within the plugin can be accessed from Plugins/OperatingSystemSimulator/Content/OperatingSystemContent/Shared/Blueprints/Programs/Mail/BP_Prog_Mail. Alongside the Blueprint, you can access mail program data and settings.

bp classes

Implementation for all of these Blueprints are very minimal. See below for a quick introduction as to how these classes are used.

  • BP_Prog_Mail - Defines all the defaults and implements OnSettingsLoad to set the authorized user on BP_Prog_MailData.
  • BP_Prog_MailData - Nothing implemented. Only used as a way to read/write variables.
  • BP_Prog_MailSettings - Saves the already authorized user.

All the actual implementation are done in UMG classes which can be accessed from Plugins/OperatingSystemSimulator/Content/OperatingSystemContent/Shared/Blueprints/Widgets/Programs/Mail folder.